Cycles Per Second 11/23/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Aussie indie ahoy! With lilting pop from Adelaine (Dead Roo), returns from Brisbane indie rockers (Babaganouj) and a songwriting legend (Robert Forster). Japanese psych-pop shamble (Hallelujahs) to Chinese electro-psych rock (WHITE+). UK post-punk (Beige Banquet), dream pop (Maripool) and a guitar pop raveup (Swansea Sound). Plus lo-fi whimsy from SF (Children Maybe Later) to NYC (Pepper Kings). And new NZ music from ex-Jean-Paul Satre Experience/The Renderers folks (MEDal).

Scope out more via links below…


Smirk – God’s Light

Beige Banquet – Acid Bath

Swansea Sound – Music Lover

Babaganouj – What Planet Do You Come From?

Dead Roo – Compare Yourself

Pepper Kings – Aardvark Artwork

Children Maybe Later – IMDb

The Rosslyns – Someone’s Happy

Hallelujahs – Pie​-​Para​-​Para

MEDaL – Divide

WHITE+ – 43 (Falling Down)

Maripool – This Time Again

Robert Forster – Tender Years

The Jazz Butcher – Silver Street