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Cycles Per Second 02/08/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show, a post-Bandcamp Friday bounty: UK sounds doomy (Drahla) to punk-funk-n-jazzy (A Certain Ratio). Japanese shoegaze (SPOOL, plant cell), Aussie jangle (Monnone Alone), and spiky-sparky pop from Glasgow (Water Machine, Dancer). American indie from Maine (The Ekphrastics) to SF (The Reds, Pinks & Purples) to Memphis (Elf Rage) to Seattle (Spiral XP). And reissues from a 90s Aussie-American collab (The Shapiros) and early 80s vintage Welsh post-punk (Violin Sect).

Links to learn more and buy below…


Holiday Ghosts – Vulture

Water Machine – WATER MACHINE

Dancer – Arch Nemesis

Violin Sect – Fit & Anxious

A Certain Ratio – Samo

The Reds, Pinks & Purples – Life in the Void

The Shapiros – Paris Kiss

The Ekphrastics – Putting the Shot

Elf Rage – Everyday Struggle

Monnone Alone – Ways to Wear My Hair

The Primitives – Panic

Drahla – Lip Sync

FACS – When You Say

Spiral XP – Free Thinking

SPOOL – fu_ka_n

plant cell – Princess of Wales Roses

Cycles Per Second 02/01/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On the show this week: Guitar pop from Australia (Spice World) and New Zealand (Surf Friends), dreamy fuzz-pop from Spain, German electro-punk (D.B.R.), and shimmering psych from the UK (Ulrika Spacek) to Japan (White Heaven). Pacfic Northwestern indie from Seattle (TV Star) and Portland (Woolen Men). Plus some way out and wavy sounds from middle America, from Louisville (Equipment Pointed Ankh) to Chicago (brainwaiver), to Memphis (Ibex Clone).

This Friday is another Bandcamp Friday, so scan the link dump for your faves…


Spice World – Decorated Boy Scout

Ibex Clone – There Is No Light

Whitney’s Playland – Sunset Sea Breeze

TV Star – Room

Woolen Men – Forgotten 45

White Heaven – Paper Beach

Equipment Pointed Ankh – Port of Indiana

brainwaiver – $6.66

Ulrika Spacek – The Sheer Drop

Surf Friends – Something Real

Primer Infant – Warm Hurricane

Double Grave – Heavy

D​.​B​.​R​.​ -​ Hit U