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Cycles Per Second 03/01/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On the show this week: A pure Kiwi pop blast (running club), buoyant indie from Ukraine (last past.), German lo-fi jangle-fuzz (Bobby Would) and some grungy Norwegian slacker pop (The Age of Colored Lizards). Plus new tunes from Australia (Terry, Summer Flake, Lachlan Denton), synth-punk from London (Es) to LA (Smirk) and Puget Sound pop from Seattle (TV Star) to Olympia (Daisies).

Compile your wish list in advance of this week’s Bandcamp Friday via links below…


TV Star – Trigger Itch

last past. – FOTOPLIVKY

running club – easily

Bobby Would – Corridor

Discus – Caddo Lake

Chime School – Summer Sun

Terry – Gronks

Model Citizens – Shift The Blame

Leon In The Wild – Quiet Covers Up A Lot

Lachlan Denton – You

The Happy Somethings – Worried Fools

Gerard Love – If I Could Tell You

Es – Swallowed Whole

Smirk – On Crack

The Age of Colored Lizards – It​’​s Not the Way It Used to Be

Summer Flake – Barnacle Bill

HOUSE Of ALL – Harlequin Duke

Daisies – Is It Any Wonder?