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Cycles Per Second 05/17/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

This week we have another show full of music from the other side of the world, with new tunes from Melbourne (Tam Vantage, Dragnet, The Toads) and a reissued gem from Sydney (The Particles). French jangle (Chiens De Faïence) to post-punk (Cathedrale), Spanish synth drone-pop (Melenas), British indie pop (Lande Hekt). Plus new American music from Louisville (Equipment Pointed Ankh) to Oakland (The Oilies) to Olympia (Daisies).

More about every band played in this week’s show at your fingertips…


Melenas – Bang

The Particles – The Trumpet Song

Tam Vantage – Deep Sea Diver

Special Friend – SELKIE

Cathedrale – Blood On My Knees

Dragnet – Lighten the Load

Wolfmanhattan Project – Silky Narcotic

The Toads – Ex​-​KGB

Lande Hekt – Pottery Class

Daisies – Goin’ in Circles

Chiens De Faïence – Ça me rappelle quelque chose


The Three O’Clock – I Go Wild

Equipment Pointed Ankh – Midtown Step

Cycles Per Second 05/10/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Indie rock across the USA, from Indianapolis (Hyper Tensions) to St. Louis (Shady Bug) to Boston (Squitch, Party Milk) to Ventura, CA (The Spires). New Australian sounds from Brisbane (Adele & The Chandeliers) to Rye (Doe St) to Melbourne (BRICK HEAD, Deuce). Plus jangly pop from western Mass (jeanines) and South Carolina (Shiny Times), and fresh indie from Belgium (Fake Indians) and the UK (Autocamper).

Gather up the Bandcamp bounty via the links below…


Party Milk – Wedding Hair

The Spires – Drift of Things

Doe St – Blue & White

BRICK HEAD – Outta Your System

Swell Maps C21 – Read About Seymour

Squitch – Not the End

Adele & The Chandeliers – Souvenirs Of My Mind

Yakuri Cable – Stars Fall Down

Deuce – Blue

Shiny Times – Disappear You

Autocamper – Never End

jeanines – Each Day

Not Rly – Good Orbit

Fake Indians – 27 Okay

Hyper Tensions – Imaginary Border

Shady Bug – lizard