Cycles Per Second 09/27/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Sparkling/sparky new indie from Glasgow (Dancer) to NYC (Patio). Pop pastoral from New Jersey (Elk City) and sprung from C86-era roots in Wales (The Hepburns). Japanese indie pop (Teen Runnings, Ferri-Chrome), lo-fi from the SF Bay (Violent Change) to Bordeaux (TH da Freak). Australian (post)punk (Equal Parts, Hooper Crescent, Civic) to pop (Pop Filter), plus a dreamy Apartments cover by a Brisbane band (Renovator’s Delight).

Want to hear more? Or support the artist by making a purchase? Look no further than the links below…


Dancer – Love

Patio – Patience

Elk City – Tried To Move On

The Hepburns – On The Parcels

Pop Filter – Heaven Sent

Equal Parts – A Crisis

Hooper Crescent – Late Night TV

Civic – Satellites

Choncy – Default

Tube Alloys – Slang Word

SNOOZERS – Nobody Likes You

The Planes – Between the Frames

Teen Runnings – Suburban Sounds Forever

Ferri-Chrome – Another Space-Time

Violent Change – Mr. Lay

TH da Freak – Dust

Renovator’s Delight – Black Ribbons