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Cycles Per Second 07/01/20: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Another week, another show! Come along and dive deeper into the music on offer this week and prep your Bandcamp shopping list. This Friday, July 3rd, Bandcamp once again waives its revenue share!


Tough Age – Repose

Coriky – Clean Kill

Apneu – This Love Is Better For You

Fontanarosa – Dawn

Lewsberg – From Never to Once

Die M├Ądchen – Seidenweich

The Green Child – Rats On the Roof

Plone – Day Trip

Joe Sampson – It’s Remarkable How Steeply Things Dropped Off

Tugboat Captain – No Plans (For This Year)

Morningwhim – Talking to Myself

The Crystal Furs – Comeback Girls

Lazy Eye – Miracle Miles

Teen Idle – Love Is A Matchstick

Pop Filter – Big Yellow Van

Ribbon Stage – Favorite Girl

Cycles Per Second 06/24/20: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Many new bands to explore on the show this week. Ch-ch-check ’em out…


Sachet – Kaleidoscope Museum

Galore – In My Head

Introduction – Rollercoaster

Dead Famous People – Goddess Of Chill

Mother Tongues – Let You Down

Lake Ruth & Listening Center – Law and Disorder

Price – Medic

Kestrels – Grey and Blue (ft. J Mascis)

Radical Dads – Natural Space

Folly Group – Butt No Rifle

Shop Regulars – Spiny Norman

Crisman – Ocean

Crime Caqui – Your Forehead

Mycatisgreen – Forever (Mcgi & Eric in the kitchen)

M.W – Lake Placid, New York

The Jazz Butcher – She’s On Drugs (live)