Cycles Per Second 05/29/24: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Southern hemisphere sounds: contemplative new Aussie tunes (Jen Cloher, Great Earthquake), new New Zealand punk and indie (PRETTY DUMB, Ringlets), plus vintage Dunedin Sound reissued (The Verlaines). American indie from the west coast: Bay Area (Aluminum, Christina’s Trip), Seattle (Spiral XP) and Portland (CUT PIECE). And hey, let’s not forget Delaware (Brother of Monday) and North Carolina (trust blinks). What else? Swiss jangle (The Blue Herons), German synth-punk (Autobahns), and new + reissues from the UK.

More from each artist via links below…


trust blinks – what’s that sound?

Christina’s Trip – My Friend

Spiral XP – Awake (Spring Version)

Aluminum – Everything

The Verlaines – I Stare Out

Average Life Complaints – Skinned Alive

Ringlets – New Life


CUT PIECE – Room With A View

Autobahns – Loss Of The Rights

Brother of Monday – Hunting Redemption

Jen Cloher – Annabelle

Silver Biplanes – Back Of My Mind

The Blue Herons – In The Skies

Birdie – Folksinger

Great Earthquake – Trauma and Impact