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Cycles Per Second 05/13/20: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Hot links to music played on today’s show – listen and buy!


Virginia Trance – Some People

The Stroppies – Look Alive

Thee Mightees – Paranormal Vacation

Secret Towns – Malta Kano

Girlatones – Can’t Complain

BOAT – Zombie State Of Mind

Gum Country – Tennis (I Feel Ok)

The Death of Pop – Once Good

LOVE SPORT – Giant Hoof

Radical Dads – Vanishing Point

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Falling Thunder

No Joy – Birthmark

Cavern of Anti-Matter – ZinZan’s Avec Moi

Space Daze – Don’t Even

Brainbeau – The Illumination of Eminonu

Alastair Galbraith – Pull My Daisy

Heart Beach – Other Side

Cycles Per Second 05/06/20: Bandcamp, etc. Links

This week’s show put the spotlight on new music released May 1st, when Bandcamp waived its revenue share once again to direct even more money to bands and labels. Purchase now using the links below, or wait until the next Bandcamp fee holiday, on June 5th.


eGgs – Still Life

Dummy – Slacker Mask

Shamewave – One Thousand Worms

Meat Market

Dreams of Empire – Broken Keys

Stutter Steps – It’s Waiting

Francisca & Alexander Griffin – Ghost Lights

Sachet – Holes In One

Idle Ray – Coat Of Many Colors

Filibuster – Treasure

Business Of Dreams – You Got Your Wish

Pale Beach – Deadbeat

Sloppy Joe – Lonely Tonight

Easy – Crystal Waves

Inhabitants – Oniria