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Cycles Per Second 05/11/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Pop British (Holiday Ghosts, Teenage Tom Petties), Finnish (Teini-Pää), Japanese (Memory Girls), Costa Rican (Los Waldners). Indie rock from Pittsburgh (Ex Pilots) to Oslo (Rider), Austin punk rock (Insane Urge) and a Dutch lo-fi jam (WE ARE JOINERS). And 10 more bands from around the world! Links below…


Holiday Ghosts – Credit Note

Teini-Pää – Heartbreaker

Halfheads – Bus Stop

Interstellar Bungalow – Sealed Airtight

Business School – Lose You

R.E. Seraphin – Playing House

Ex Pilots – Thirty Days

morvern – Grave Diggers

Insane Urge – Insane Urge

WE ARE JOINERS – Not Taking Advice

Teenage Tom Petties – Boatyard Winch

Rider – Goodbye

The Sylvia Platters – Pristine Disarray (Radio Edit)

Man Behind Tree – California Zephyr

Memory Girls – Our Freedom, Our Darkness

The Photocopies – Zine Queen

The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness – Look Back

Dodda Rivka – Oh Ruby

Los Waldners – Quisiera Que Fueras Mi Novia

Cycles Per Second 05/04/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

This week, it’s time for another Aussie invasion, with punk from Melbourne (Vintage Crop) to the Gold Coast (Landlords), garage pop from Rye (Doe St), Sydney post-punk (Loose Fit) and Melbourne again with indie rock (The Blinds). Guitar pop from Slovenia (Buddhist Bubblegum), France (Sinaïve), Norway (Terje Torkellsen) & Seattle, USA (TV Star). Indie from the Netherlands (Personal Trainer), the UK (St Christopher, The Hazmats), Ireland (Emperor of Ice Cream).

Links to everything played this week can be found below…


The Hazmats – Empty Rooms

The Blinds – Elsewhere*

The False Berries – Forever Mouldy

Doe St – It’s Not Like You

Loose Fit – Cool Change

Personal Trainer – Rug Busters

Landlords – 1-2-X-U

Vintage Crop – The Duke

Spread Joy – Dry

Mozart Estate – Record Store Day

St Christopher – Stornaway

Sinaïve – Ténèbres

Buddhist Bubblegum – Paper Ridges

Emperor of Ice Cream – Weather Vane

Terje Torkellsen – Tears In Your Eyes

TV Star – Waste