Cycles Per Second 05/11/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Pop British (Holiday Ghosts, Teenage Tom Petties), Finnish (Teini-Pää), Japanese (Memory Girls), Costa Rican (Los Waldners). Indie rock from Pittsburgh (Ex Pilots) to Oslo (Rider), Austin punk rock (Insane Urge) and a Dutch lo-fi jam (WE ARE JOINERS). And 10 more bands from around the world! Links below…


Holiday Ghosts – Credit Note

Teini-Pää – Heartbreaker

Halfheads – Bus Stop

Interstellar Bungalow – Sealed Airtight

Business School – Lose You

R.E. Seraphin – Playing House

Ex Pilots – Thirty Days

morvern – Grave Diggers

Insane Urge – Insane Urge

WE ARE JOINERS – Not Taking Advice

Teenage Tom Petties – Boatyard Winch

Rider – Goodbye

The Sylvia Platters – Pristine Disarray (Radio Edit)

Man Behind Tree – California Zephyr

Memory Girls – Our Freedom, Our Darkness

The Photocopies – Zine Queen

The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness – Look Back

Dodda Rivka – Oh Ruby

Los Waldners – Quisiera Que Fueras Mi Novia