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Cycles Per Second 12/14/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

This week we round out 2022 with a last batch of fresh tunes, incl jangle from Australia (Dead Roo) to the UK (DIGNAN PORCH, the Tubs) to Sweden (The Slow Summits) to west coast USA (Galore, Blue Canopy). Indie rock from France (Hobby) to New Zealand (Office Dog). American gems dug up from the past, from girl-group balladry (The Mod 4) to first wave coldwave (Grey Factor). And a teutonic sonic workout from tour pals Dummy and Lifeguard.

Dig into the links below for more…


Galore – New Living

DIGNAN PORCH – Mezmerized

Dead Roo – High Price

Big Rig – Crying in a Corn Maze

Caution – To Decide

The Tubs – Dead Meat

Office Dog – In the Red

Hobby – Jay

Soft on Crime – Splendid Life

The Slow Summits – Then Again

Blue Canopy – Bright Spot

Les Yeux Mi-Clos – hi2022

The Mod 4 – A Puppet

Grey Factor – You’re So Cool

Dummy – Hallogallo (live)

Cycles Per Second 12/7/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Aussie indie from Melbourne (Imperial Leather) to Brisbane (People Mover), German punk (Ultrabonus) and Canadian psych-rock (Shirley & The Pyramids). Reissues of music from Glasgow (The Orchids), Boston (La Peste), Cleveland (My Dad Is Dead) and Little Rock (The Divine Hook-Up). Plus a tribute to NZ music legend Hamish Kilgour, via a live The Mad Scene song and a cover of The Clean by The Courtneys.


Blues Lawyer – Chance Encounters

People Mover – Not

career – Hotel

The Mad Scene – Whole World (live)

Imperial Leather – Smile Now, Cry Later

The Orchids – Caveman (Peel session)

La Peste – Better Off Dead

Ultrabonus – La Vela

The Divine Hook-Up – Train to Saturn

Sun Foot – Apples in a Drawer

They Are Gutting A Body Of Water – French

Shirley & The Pyramids – Sapanta Blue

The Church – C’est La Vie

My Dad Is Dead – Anti-Socialist 2

April Magazine – Drowner 16th

The Courtneys – Point That Thing Somewhere Else