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Cycles Per Second 03/27/24: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Songs that wow and flutter, from Minneapolis (Typsy Panthre) and Richmond, VA (Outer World) to the Netherlands (Fleur) and UK (Broadcast). Dark, doomy and stuttering sounds from around the USA: Oakland (Marbled Eye), Chicago (FACS) and Connecticut (Smirk). Plus new indie pop from Germany (Hanemoon) to Chile (Las Margaritas), and a UK art-punk rarity (Petticoats).

Where to find more music from each artist? At the bottom of this post, of course…


Smirk – Bad Behavior

Petticoats – Paranoia

The Spatulas – Maya

Taxidermists – Shipwecked (nstop radio edit)

VACATION – Rare Earth

Blue Orchids – Overreactor

Marbled Eye – Wear Me Down

FACS – North America Endless

Typsy Panthre – Transformer

Broadcast – Follow The Light

Outer World – Flower Gunpowder

Fleur – Laisse​-​Moi Faire!

Cosmit – Hard Love

Las Margaritas – que pase luego

The Reds, Pinks & Purples – What’s Going on with Ordinary People

Hanemoon – Why Don’t You Walk Away

Yea-Ming and The Rumours – I Can’t Have It All

Cycles Per Second 03/20/24: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Aussie psych-pop (Parsnip), Scottish indie rock (Homework), shimmering French pop (Pop Crimes) and a NZ jangle-ramble (Jim Nothing). Plus new American indie from Minneapolis (Uranium Club), Brooklyn (SAVAK), Providence (Strawberry Generation), Atlanta (Vessel), California (R.E. Seraphin, Nights Templar) and Tennessee (Mythical Motors).

Playlist with all the deets, below…


Nights Templar – Floorboards

AIMING – Calculations

Pop Crimes – Orange Juice

R.E. Seraphin – Expendable Man

Chairs – Dilaudid

Jim Nothing – Easter at the RSC

SAVAK – The New New Age

Uranium Club – 2​-​600​-​LULLABY

Homework – Dummy Run

The High Water Marks – YFF

Mythical Motors – Take A Trip

Apollo Ghosts – No One Knows Your Mind

Penny Arcade – Don’t Cry No Tears

astrel k – Heavy Is The Head

Parsnip – Turn To Love

Vessel – Lost Appeal

Strawberry Generation – Iris (Eyelids)