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Cycles Per Second 04/24/24: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: New indie from Denmark (Kindsight), Norway (Pom Poko), Canada (Bon Enfant), Australia (Phil & The Tiles, HighSchool) and New Zealand (Jim Nothing, Living Clipboards). American (punk)rock from Atlanta (Ultra Lights) to Philly (Honey Radar), NYC avant-bloop (CELL\BORG) and LAA crashing pop (the black watch). Plus RSD (re)issue picks: Sorrow (ex-Strawberry Switchblade and Soundtracks & Head (ex-Swell Maps).

Links to listen further and purchase, below…


Ultra Lights – Nostalgia

Kindsight – Acid Island 45

Honey Radar – Pink Acid Jogger

Phil & The Tiles – Not Today


Jim Nothing – Hourglass

Sorrow – Fear Becomes You

a certain smile – a certain smile (original)

HighSchool – August 19

the black watch – much of a muchness

Stephen Pastel & Gavin Thomson with Unexpensive Superstars feat. John McCorkindale – We Have Sex

Living Clipboards – Jessie

Bon Enfant – Trompe​-​l’oeil

CELL\BORG – Coriander Duplex

Pom Poko – Champion

Soundtracks & Head – Rain Rain Rain

der siebte finger – mit papa im auto

Cycles Per Second 04/17/24: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: New Aussie indie pop from Melbourne (Program, Sunbeam Sound Machine, BABY BLUE) and Sydney (Restless Leg). DIY jangle and strum from California (The Haircuts, Famous Mammals) to the UK (Autocamper). Post-punk from Canada (Cola) and Scotland (Dancer). And punk from Serbia (Baobab), Chicago (Babe Report) and New England (Perennial). Plus moody music from New Zealand (Jay Clarkson & The Containers) and the Netherlands (Volksempfänger).

See below for relevant Bandcamps for every artist played…


Program – Sparks

Autocamper – Blanche

BABY BLUE – Closer Babe

The Haircuts – I Hate My Haircut

Famous Mammals – Unspoken Chair

Restless Leg – Sow A Little Seed

Baobab – Tvoj me dodir čini nervoznim

Babe Report – Turtle of Reaper

Perennial – Action Painting

Nowhere Flower – Stepping​-​stone

Cola – Pallor Tricks

Dancer – Make A Decision

Jay Clarkson & The Containers – Waikouaiti

Volksempfänger – Remain The Dancer

Agent blå – Whatever You Want

Neutral Shirt – I Don’t Know Anything

Craig Benedict Valentine Badynee – The New Richter Waltz

Sunbeam Sound Machine – Planet D

Swansea Sound – Markin’ It Down