Cycles Per Second 01/11/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On the show this week: USA indie rock from Seattle (Spiral XP), Michigan (ditch bunnies) and Ohio, both Cleveland (Non Bruises) and Cincinnati (The Drin). Japanese shoegaze (STOMP TALK MODSTONE), Australian dream pop (Dayzed), and atmopheric and synthy sounds from the UK (Marlody) to NYC (Frankie Rose). Plus an exclusive airing of a new song from Kitchenettes (aka Morgan of The Umbrellas).

Links to most tracks can be found below, as always…


Non Bruises – Everyday

The Drin – Stonewallin’

burger service – niemand heeft de schuld

ditch bunnies – Sooner Than Later

Blues Lawyer – Nowhere To Go

En Attendant Ana – Same Old Story

Marlody – These Doubts

Frankie Rose – Anything

Kitchenettes – I’ll Be There
Link TK

appleseeds! – hungry mouth

Eyelids – Colossal Waste of Light

Spiral XP – Deja Vu

The Soup Dragons – Whole Wide World (Peel session)

Tee Vee Repairmann – Bus Stop


Dayzed – Tunnel Vision