Cycles Per Second 01/31/24: Bandcamp, etc. Links

This week… Yes, we have Swiss (Purpur Spytt), Brits (Midnight Mines, Vic Godard) and Aussies (Hooper Crescent, Finnoguns Wake) on this week’s show. But American indie is where it’s at: from Texas (variety, Positive Thinking), Ohio (Gerycz Powers Rolin), California (SUCKER, Ryann Gonsalves) and Atlanta (Vessel, Omni, Chandelier). New music from a new project from Danny of Seapony (Research Vessel). And yet another Feelies offshoot, this time with unearthed demos (Wild Carnation).

Links to all of this and more to be found below…


variety – Plover

Midnight Mines – Midnight Mine

Vic Godard – Goin’ down Slovak​’​s

the Ape-ettes – Hearing Protection

Purpur Spytt – On a Circle

Positive Thinking – Saturate

Hooper Crescent – Wrong Direction

Vessel – Game

Omni – INTL Waters

Chandelier – The Stop

SUCKER – Pretty

Finnoguns Wake – So Nice

Ryann Gonsalves – Burrowing

Pierre Gisèle – Le Paradis Des Chiens (ft Alleny Wood)

Wild Carnation – I’d Rather Drive A Truck

Gerycz Powers Rolin – Sun Rays

Volksempfänger – You’re Gonna Lose Hard

Research Vessel – Like Today