Cycles Per Second 02/28/24: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On the show this week: French pop (En Attendant Ana) and post-punk (Basic Shapes). Australian indie, from Sydney garage-pop (Sachet) to Adelaide staccato-jangle (Air Belgrade) to Melbourne indie rock (K5). American indie from California (The Spires, Medicine), NYC (Theee Kevin Alvir), Chicago (Mint Mile) and Washington, D.C. (Mary Timony). Plus a blast of vintage UK post-punk courtesy of a reissued Peel Session (Essential Logic).

Scroll for signposts to musical destinations for each artist featured…


Rural France – Packhorse

Theee Kevin Alvir – beASt MOde

Air Belgrade – Party Time

Rachel Love – Without You

En Attendant Ana – Magical Lies

Sachet – Myriad

Apollo Ghosts – Sunset Over Ikea

Mint Mile – Sunbreaking

K5 – Blood

The Spires – Index

Basic Shapes – A quiet life

Essential Logic – Wake Up (Peel Session)

Perennial – Minimalism

Mary Timony – Don’t Disappear

Tara Jane O’Neil – Curling

Medicine – On The Bed