Cycles Per Second 02/21/24: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: SF Bay pop (R.E. Seraphin, Sea Dramas) to post-punk (Marbled Eye), and jittery rock from Atlanta (Omni, Small Reactions), LA (Dutch East Indians), Philly (False Tracks), Arizona (Soft Shoulder) and Texas (variety). Plus new indie from Serbia (proto tip), Turkey (Sunset Stream), Germany (AUS, I.L.L.O., the bv’s), Australia (Dumb Things, Grids and Dots) and New Zealand (Living Clipboards).

More about each artist played in the links below…


R.E. Seraphin – Bound

Sea Dramas – No Poetry

Research Vessel – If Only

Dutch East Indians – Come Beat My Monster

False Tracks – Taste the Wall

I.L.L.O. – Summoning

Marbled Eye – In the Static

Omni – Common Mistakes

variety – The Light

Soft Shoulder – Lamb Basket

AUS – Der Sch​ö​ne Schein

Living Clipboards – Cicadas

Small Reactions – Dinner Song

Grids and Dots – Imposter Friends

Sunset Stream – Ağaçtan Düşen

proto tip – želje

the bv’s – kleber

Dumb Things – Instant Coffee