Cycles Per Second 04/24/24: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: New indie from Denmark (Kindsight), Norway (Pom Poko), Canada (Bon Enfant), Australia (Phil & The Tiles, HighSchool) and New Zealand (Jim Nothing, Living Clipboards). American (punk)rock from Atlanta (Ultra Lights) to Philly (Honey Radar), NYC avant-bloop (CELL\BORG) and LAA crashing pop (the black watch). Plus RSD (re)issue picks: Sorrow (ex-Strawberry Switchblade and Soundtracks & Head (ex-Swell Maps).

Links to listen further and purchase, below…


Ultra Lights – Nostalgia

Kindsight – Acid Island 45

Honey Radar – Pink Acid Jogger

Phil & The Tiles – Not Today


Jim Nothing – Hourglass

Sorrow – Fear Becomes You

a certain smile – a certain smile (original)

HighSchool – August 19

the black watch – much of a muchness

Stephen Pastel & Gavin Thomson with Unexpensive Superstars feat. John McCorkindale – We Have Sex

Living Clipboards – Jessie

Bon Enfant – Trompe​-​l’oeil

CELL\BORG – Coriander Duplex

Pom Poko – Champion

Soundtracks & Head – Rain Rain Rain

der siebte finger – mit papa im auto