Cycles Per Second 04/27/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On the show this week: Dream pop from Singapore to (Coming Up Roses) to Boston (Emerald Comets) to LA (Mo Dotti). Seattle surf-pop (Baywitch), ex-Burma weirdness from Providence (Minibeast) and indie rock from Memphis (Off Peak Arson). New indie from Poland (Raw Plastic), China (Riot in School), Slovenia (See Me It’s Easy). Plus British guitar pop featuring an ex-Go-Between behind the drum kit (The Girl With The Replaceable Head).

Take us to the links? Why, sure…


Off Peak Arson – Closed Curtains

Riot in School – Wet Dream Valley

Good Grief – How Can I Help Falling In Love

Raw Plastic – Crying on a Surfboard

Baywitch – Pod People

Jinx – Heaven in You

The Girl With The Replaceable Head – 1000 girls

The GN Band – Worms Are the Only End

See Me It’s Easy – All About The Ride

Young Guv – Change Your Mind

Coming Up Roses – Glass Stained Eyes

Emerald Comets – Memory Factory

Mo Dotti – Lights On In The Sun

Minibeast – Exclusive