Cycles Per Second 06/01/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

We are feeling très français on the show this week, with a whole set chock full of French artists, from post-punk (Le Coeur des Garçons) to garage pop (Marie Mathématique) to psych (Sinaïve) to ticking pop (Emilie Vabre) to sounds further out of bounds (Rose Mercie). Plus more new indie from Spain (Montaña), Norway (I Was A King), Germany (ONYON), Australia (Billiam, Lackadaisies), more.

And now for the links to each and every band played on this week’s show…


The Umbrellas – Write It In The Sky

Marie Mathématique – Avec toi c’est Kafka

Sinaïve – Trash Mental

Le Coeur des Garçons – La Cible

Rose Mercie – Des Pierres

Emilie Vabre – là, maintenant

Montaña – Creo

Carambolage – Eingeschneit

ONYON – Fell Naturell

Lackadaisies – Payphone Text

Billiam – Turrets

Mary Ann Hawkins – Salpimienta

Big Cream – Magic Beans

Tony Molina – The Last Time

BOAT – Dark Dependency

Lawn – Down

I Was A King – Follow Me Home

Das Phaedrus – Dry Land