Cycles Per Second 08/03/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this show this week, we’re California dreamin’ with Bay Area lo-fi guitar pop crunch (Devoted Fans) and kaleidoscopic jangle (The Variable Stars), and hushed pop from LA (Peel Dream Magazine). Post-punk from late-70s Italian minimalist (Influenza Prods.) to modern-day Australian groove (Th Blisks). Seattle shoegaze (New Age Healers), Baltimore psych-pop (The Smashing Times) and Louisville indie rock (Wombo).


The Smashing Times – Mother Nature Is Son

The Variable Stars – Lights Above Los Gatos (Mystery Lawn)

Devoted Fans – You’re Shy

Kiwi jr – Unspeakable Things

Peel Dream Magazine – Pad

You Fools! – Orbit Vampire Robot

David McClymont – Time Waits

Hydroplane – New Monotonic FM

Influenza Prods. – Mémoire

Pale Blue Eyes – Little Gem

Th Blisks – A Salve

Freak Genes – Strange Charm

Wombo – Regular Demon

New Age Healers – Setting Sun

Moon In June – Noise Reduction

Air Miami – Airplane Rider