Cycles Per Second 11/29/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Punk from France (Princess Thailand), Canada (Autogramm), Scotland (Little Love and The Friendly Vibes) and the USA (Wet Dip). Odes to media obsessions (or pretensions), from records (Comet Gain) to books (The Human Hearts). Pop songs jangly to spacey to soaring, from SF (The Umbrellas), Boston (Drop Nineteens) and Brighton (Beat Hotel). Plus some warbly, wobbly lo-fi from New Zealand (frog power).

Fancy any of this week’s picks? Then scroll and give some clicks…


The High Water Marks – Terror and Erebus

Drop Nineteens – Tarantula

Start Together – Impostering the Nascent

Beat Hotel – Beat Now

The Umbrellas – Echoes

Princess Thailand – Ghost Car

Wet Dip – Emperor

Autogramm – Plastic Punks

Little Love and The Friendly Vibes – Terri Terri

Comet Gain – REKKERDS! part two

The Human Hearts – Art Books

One Moon – 风​和​星​星​和​我​们–2

Emerald Comets – Silhouette

Rain Parade – Last Rays of a Dying Sun

Cafe Racer – Time Killer

frog power – feline