Cycles Per Second 01/05/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Indie rock from Wollongong, Australia (chimers, Miners), Ljubljana, Slovenia (morvern) and Tokyo, Japan (Cairophenomenons). Melodic pop from Melbourne (The Fish John West Reject), NYC (Love, Burns), Malmö (Orange Crate Art), Brighton (Jetstream Pony), Tokyo (THE PATS PATS) and San Francisco (seablite). And we end with a Welsh space-rock jam that spans almost the final quarter of the show (Bookhouse). Links to more info about each of the releases featured on this show can be found below…


chimers – surrounds

Miners – Whipper

morvern – Bad Blood

Cairophenomenons – MEKKI

Orange Crate Art – Concorde 79

Love, Burns – Dear Claire

The Fish John West Reject – Southwesterly

Jetstream Pony – The Naked Time

THE PATS PATS – Heart Eyes

seablite – Ink Bleeds

asta rangu – Melancholics

Bookhouse – Eferwad y Tonnau Gwyn

Cycles Per Second 12/29/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Another year comes to a close, which means it’s time to look back on 2021’s musical highlights. This week I count down my favorite releases from the past year: the top 10 LPs and top 5 EPs, plus a reissue highlight. If you enjoy these selections as much as I have, you’ll surely want to check out the Bandcamp links below…


Delivery – Floored

Olivia’s World – Social Seagull

Roxy Girls – Sister Fatima

Mesh – Company Jeep

The Tubs – Two Person Love

The Chills – Walls Beyond Abandon

Dead Finks – (My Human) Extinction

Blair Parkes – step out

Ibex Clone – Archicast

The Umbrellas – Pictures

UV-TV – Distant Lullaby

Ducks Ltd. – 18 Cigarettes

Dummy – Atonal Poem

Fake Fruit – Don’t Put It On Me

XR – Repeater

Guardian Singles – Tea Lights Exploding

Cycles Per Second :: Best of 2021

Top LPs

  1. XR – XR (self-released)
  2. Fake Fruit – Fake Fruit (Rocks In Your Head)
  3. Dummy – Mandatory Enjoyment (Trouble In Mind)
  4. Ducks Ltd. – Modern Fiction (Carpark Records)
  5. UV-TV – Always Something (PaperCup Music)
  6. The Umbrellas – The Umbrellas (Slumberland Records)
  7. Ibex Clone – From Nowhere (self-released)
  8. Blair Parkes – new building (self-released)
  9. Dead Finks – The Death and Resurrection of Johnathan Cowboy (Urge Records)
  10. The Chills – Scatterbrain (Fire Records)

Top EPs

  1. The Tubs – Names (Prefect Records / Trouble In Mind)
  2. Mesh – Mesh (Born Yesterday)
  3. Roxy Girls – Roxy Girls Are In The Drink (self-released)
  4. Olivia’s World – Tuff 2B Tender (Lost Sound Tapes)
  5. Delivery – Yes We Do (Spoilsport Records)

Favorite Reissue

Guardian Singles – Guardian Singles (Trouble In Mind)