Cycles Per Second 09/06/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On the show this week: Fresh indie finds from Indonesia (Tossing Seed), The Netherlands (Schau Schau) and Australia (R.M.F.C.). SF Bay sounds from punk (Spiritual Cramp) to shoegaze (seablite) to sassy pop (Funeral Cake). Plus jangle from the UK (The Treasures of Mexico, The Cleaners From Venus), Sweden (The Slow Summits), and the USA (The Laughing Chimes, lightheaded).

Links to all of the above (and more) can be found below…


R.M.F.C. – The Trap

Glue Factory – Haircut

Schau Schau – Wants

Rat Columns – Cerulean Blue

seablite – Pot Of Boiling Water

Corker – H.E.

Spiritual Cramp – Talkin’ On The Internet

Vintage Crop – Springtime

Tossing Seed – The Flower Still Remains

Funeral Cake – Sleep Over

The Treasures of Mexico – Monday Morning

The Cleaners From Venus – Small Town Earls

The Slow Summits – Oh Me Oh My

The Laughing Chimes – Laurel Heights

lightheaded – Mercury Girl

Cycles Per Second 08/30/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: New indie music from Seattle (Versing, TV Star) and Olympia (Field School). Taiwanese shoegaze (Manic Sheep), folky Aussie jangle (Lower Plenty), Glaswegian indie rock (Dragged Up) and kinetic Canadian indie rock (BE AFRAID). A block of synth-heavy rock, with icy-cool post-punk from Memphis (Optic Sink) and Montreal (Yocto) and lush and sweeping pop from Atlanta (Cindy Wilson). Plus a reissue w/Mission of Burma as backing band? Yup.

Want to listen more or support your favorites from this week’s show? Bandcamp Friday is again this Friday, and links to listen and purchase are just a short scroll away…


Red Pants – Witching Hour

Versing – Circles

TV Star – Living Spree

Manic Sheep – Tawdry Clip

Dredd Foole & the Din – So Tough (live)

BE AFRAID – Hello Ugly

Dragged Up – Hex Domestic

Lower Plenty – Back to the Foldout

Parker Allen – Ankh


Field School – I Couldn’t Stop the Rain for You

Optic Sink – Glass Blocks

Yocto – Lance​-​Flamme Lance​-​Glace

Bennett – Glass Ball

Cindy Wilson – Hold On

Connie Lovatt – Gull