Cycles Per Second 04/20/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

This week’s show contains: American indie from Chicago (Spread Joy, Axons), Pittsburgh (The Zells) and NYC (SAVAK, UV-TV). Aussie indie from Melbourne from buzzing pop (Timeshare, The Stroppies) to cheeky Casio-core (Hot Tubs Time Machine). Plus South Korean dream-pop (Say Sue Me), Costa Rican guitar rock (Dylan Thomas.), Kiwi jangle (Victor Billot) and a swinging Swiss singalong (Sophisticated Boom Boom).

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Spread Joy – Repetition

Axons – Suspended

The Zells – Truther Uncle

SAVAK – Oddsmaker

Timeshare – Time Out

Hot Tubs Time Machine – No Thanks, Google Maps

Say Sue Me – Around You

Sophisticated Boom Boom – Jimmy Jimmy

Comet Gain – SHE’S JUST LONELY (2011)

UV-TV – Back To Nowhere (Demo)

Victor Billot – Can’t Get Close

The Stroppies – Smilers Strange Politely

Hoach5000 – Paper Bag

Dylan Thomas. – Cruces Laterales

Sea Lemon – Turn Away

Vansire – Kind of a Nice Time

Kramer – The Crying

Cycles Per Second 04/13/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On the show this week: Rat-a-tat indie w/galloping guitars from Baltimore (Caution) to WA state (Star Party). New York kinetic & dark post-punk (Family Vision, Straw Man Army) and slacker pop (Petite League). Finnish guitar pop (Teini-Pää), aggro Aussie punk (PINCH POINTS), dark Italo-German synth-wave (Alessandro Adriani) and Swedish jangle (Red Sleeping Beauty) w/lilting vox by Amelia Fletcher.

Links to all of this and more…


Star Party – You and Me

Caution – Hand That Looks Like Mine

Nape Neck – Aim Slow

Prolapse – Deanshanger (Peel session)

Camp One – This Is Not A Happy Home

PINCH POINTS – HARUSPEX (nstop radio edit)

Teini-Pää – Näin sen unessa

Red Sleeping Beauty – Solid Gold


Family Vision – Edit

DEAD MYTH – Desperation Move

Straw Man Army – State Of The Art

Marlin’s Dreaming – Trophies

Films On Song – Still I Try

The Glass Picture – Stairwell

Alessandro Adriani – A3 PR 004 – XIII

Shady Cove – Summer Days