Cycles Per Second 01/10/24: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: New indie rock and pop from scenes around the USA, including NYC (Bodega, Gustaf), Philadelphia (False Tracks, Maria T), LA (Slow Hollows), Bellingham, WA (careen), Nashville (Spodee Boy), the SF Bay (Torrey, The Umbrellas) and western Mass (Luxor Rentals). Plus music from Sweden (Agent blå), Australia (Seven Hour Days), Canada (Ducks Ltd.) and the UK (Grazia, The Pheromoans).

Links to all of the above, below…


BODEGA – Tarkovski

Torrey – No Matter How

Slow Hollows – Idle Hands

Maria T – Wind Down

The Pheromoans – Downtown

False Tracks – Suspended Animation

Ducks Ltd. – Train Full of Gasoline

Agent blå – Discount

Seven Hour Days – 1974

The Umbrellas – Gone

Grazia – Cheap

Gustaf – Starting and Staring

careen – Last Winter

Luxor Rentals – A Hallway (edit)

Spodee Boy – PROCEduRES