Cycles Per Second 01/17/24: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On the show this week: New melodic indie, in many forms: British strum-and-thrum (Holiday Ghosts, Action Painting!), American shimmer from Baltimore (Tomato Flower) and psych from Austin (Fantastic Purple Spots), Australian twang (Straight skirt), Chinese jangle (心椒椒 PAPPER HEART) and power pop from Finland (Teini-Pää). Punk and post-punk from America (Lupo Citta, Bonies), German (Onyon) and the UK (Beige Banquet, Blue Orchids).

Dig into more from every artist played this week…


Holiday Ghosts – Sublime Disconnect

Teini-Pää – Mietin minne meet

Action Painting! – Just Who Are The Cockleshell Heroes?

Chainsaw President – Only Noise

Tomato Flower – Saint

Dancer – Passionate Sunday

Lupo Citta – White Bracelet

Bonies – Disruptor

Beige Banquet – Ornamental Hermit

Onyon – Goldie

Blue Orchids – The Flood (demo)

Straight Skirt – Disappointed

心椒椒 PAPPER HEART – 红​喷​泉–3

Fantastic Purple Spots – Vibrations Now

J.McFarlane’s Reality Guest – Slinky

Pete Astor – Model Village