Cycles Per Second 02/03/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

This week is Bandcamp Friday! Listen to the show, then follow the links below to hear more and bookmark for purchase on February 5th…


Males – Clear Lake

The Chills – Monolith

Slacks – Janewary

The Planes – The Oracle

Sulka – She Cares

Shirley & The Pyramids – On Your Side

Pretty In Pink – Letters

The Notwist – Sans Soleil

Freelove Fenner – Glass Numbers

Speed Stick – Twin Collision

Rat Columns – I Can’t Live On Love

Heart Shaped – Handsome

Mandarinaduck – Ten Song

All Romantic Days – In Your Court (Original Version)

Lilys – G. Cobalt Franklin

3 A.M. Again – Not Willing