Cycles Per Second 02/14/24: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Two fuzzy blasts of Aussie psych-pop (Parsnip, Phil & The Tiles), SF Bay shoegaze (Torrey) to jangle (Kelley Stoltz), Glaswegian art-pop (Dancer) and a NZ post-punk reissue (Ballon D’Essai). American indie rock from Philly (SOCIETY), Portland (Guitar) and Washington state (careen). And sounds from drone-y to dreamy from the UK (the telescopes), Paris (Special Friend, The Gentle Spring) and here in Seattle (somesurprises).

More music and purchase info for everything you heard this week, just a few pixels below…


Parsnip – The Light

Phil & The Tiles – Death Ship

Dancer – Change

SOCIETY – Nowheresville

Ballon D’Essai – Smash Crash

Special Friend – Paints a Picture
Link TK

Torrey – Bounce

Kelley Stoltz – Reni’s Car

The Lovely Basement – Gas Station with a Bar

The Gentle Spring – Dodge The Rain

Guitar – Baying Of Dogs

Leopardo – That Kind of Love

careen – The Slice

the telescopes – (In The) Hidden Fields

somesurprises – Why I Stay

Daniel Johnston – Silly Love