Cycles Per Second 02/15/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On the show this week: California indie hits from LA (Massage) to the SF Bay (Blues Lawyer, Nothing Natural, Public Interest). Elsewhere in the U.S.: pop ethereal from Seattle (Coral Grief) and jittery in Virginia (Nicole Yun), indie rock from Columbus up-n-comers (Son of Dribble) to NYC all-timers (Yo La Tengo). Plus French post-punk (Moleskine), Ukrainian dream pop (headachee) & Australian guitars aplenty from Adelaide (Junk Harmony) to Melbourne (The Sprouts).

Scroll for links to all (but one)…


Coral Grief – Wow Signal

Massage – Existential
Link TK

Nicole Yun – Lost Keys

Blues Lawyer – Make Up

The Sprouts – I Hear Music

Nothing Natural – Ride

Office Dog – Big Air


Moleskine – Comfort

Son of Dribble – J & Dubuffet

Public Interest – Undone

CLASS – Left In The Sink

Gula Blend – Helt hel

headachee – т​и​х​а г​о​д​и​н​а–165

Junk Harmony – billions (vi)

Yo La Tengo – Fallout