Cycles Per Second 02/22/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Psychedelic pop swirl from Paris (En Attendant Ana) to Memphis (Ibex Clone), and music to set a mood from SF (Cindy). Angular Scottish-German pop (Hairband), Finnish shimmer (Teini-Pää) and Australian electro-pop (KOSMETIKA), glam-pop (RVG), and spacious and airy reverie (Robert Forster). Plus lo-fi bedroom indie from NYC (Parent Teacher) and hauntingly melodic Illinoise (glow in the dark flowers).

Check the list below for links to what you heard on tonight’s show…


Hairband – Unconscious Rivals

Teini-Pää – Liikun kovaa vauhtia

En Attendant Ana – Wonder

Forever Pavot – Au bal des traitres


Ibex Clone – All Channels Clear

glow in the dark flowers – ON THE MARBLE

Cindy – A Trumpet On The Hillside

Robert Forster – Always

RVG – Nothing Really Changes

dust – Ward 52

Parent Teacher – Impending Doom

Angry Silence – Dark End of the Street