Cycles Per Second 04/03/24: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Fresh American indie rock, from LA shoegaze (Draag) to Cincinnatti darkly arty (The Drin) to crunchy guitars from Brooklyn (Leapling, Retail Drugs), Oakland (TONER) and Carrboro, NC (Verity Den). Melbourne post-punk (Bench Press), wistful UK pop (Rachel Love), lo-fi Canadian fuzz (DG Burns) and taut rock from New Zealand (Seafang). Plus (Minus) new electro-rock-pop music from +/- {Plus/Minus}!

Jump to the links below to support artists played on the show this week…


Seafog – Twist

Bench Press – Personal Best

Holiday Ghosts – Today​’​s Headlines

Dot Dash – Airwaves

+/- {Plus/Minus} – Borrowed Time

TONER – God’s Hammer

Leapling – Alabaster Snow

Verity Den – washer dryer

DG Burns – Recoil and Die

Bobby Would – Sleep Talk

Rachel Love – Why

Retail Drugs – Take it Back

Draag – Orb weaver

The Drin – Tigers Cage

Sub Verse – Chance Romance

Forest Fallows – Saturday Rose