Cycles Per Second 04/10/24: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Lo-fi and DIY American pop from Richmond (Added Dimensions), St. Louis (Soup Activists), Oakland (neutrals) and Chicago (Pleasant Mob). Expansive and atmospheric sounds from the UK (silver biplanes) and USA (Aluminum), Canada (Cindy Lee) and New Zealand (Death And The Maiden). Jangle from New Jersey (lightheaded) and Northern Ireland (Neil Brogan), and fuzz-pop from Belgium (capsuna). Plus British pop featuring a superstar Aussie drummer (the girl with the replaceable head) and a whimsical song about a NZ legend (Voom).

See below for links to artists’ Bandcamps, plus one (legit!) Geocities site…


neutrals – Wish You Were Here

Soup Activists – Boys with Plants

Added Dimensions – In the System

Pretty Inside – Candles Are Burning

Pleasant Mob – Mob

Neil Brogan – Isabelle

silver biplanes – Radiogram

Aluminum – Beat

Death And The Maiden – Leanest Cut

Cindy Lee – Stone Faces

the girl with the replaceable head – Shalalalala

Even As We Speak – Beauty, You Will Break Us All

lightheaded – Moments Notice

capsuna – asymmetrical

DRILL – Pipsqueak

Voom – Martin Phillipps