Cycles Per Second 04/15/20: Bandcamp, etc. Links

What did I play on this week’s CPS, and how can you listen to even more from the artists featured on the show? Look below for your answers…


Superchorus – Race is Run

Love, Burns – Wired Eyes

The Francine Odysseys – Hide Your Eyes

Swimming Tapes – Everything Has To Turn (Souvenirs) – Demo

The Treasures of Mexico – Heart Shaped Clock (mstr)

The Wild Kindness – Bruised Fruit

SUPER 8 – Love Like Ours

U.S. Highball – Bless The Telephone

The Yellow Melodies – It’s a good day today

Lightships – Summer Holiday

Even As We Speak – Someone

Red Red Eyes – Where Has Everybody Gone?

SOAR – comfort

affectionately – prettiest part of me

Cheesemind – 离别的勇气 Say Good Bye