Cycles Per Second 04/19/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: A dark-and-doomy Swedish tune (FEWS), spiky Spanish pop (Tatxers), Belgian post-punk (Plexi Stad) and rollicking indie rock from Australia (Doe St) to Denmark (Holm). American indie, from Mississippi shoegaze (beach novels) to pop from jangle to crunch from Virginia (Nicole Yun) to Oakland (Rob I. Miller). Plus a Seattle Swell Maps cover, a classic American pop songwriter reissued, more!

Full details can be found below…


Doe St – This Town

Friends Below Zero – The Helicopter Spies


beach novels – Don’t Wait For Me

Rob I. Miller – Wedge

Tatxers – Zilarrezko Hegalak

Plexi Stad – Stockhausen

Woolen Men – Workin’ Too Hard

Radiator Hospital – Yr Head

Holm – Lose the Shoes

Tough Age – Give It a Day

Nicole Yun – High American

Heart-Shaped – Felt

Hannah Everingham – Go On

Swiss Portrait – Before

モ​テ​ギ​ス​ミ​ス – 冷​め​た​熱

Marshall Crenshaw – (You’re My Favorite) Waste of Time

XV – Cards