Cycles Per Second 04/26/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Indie rock from Vancouver (Woolworm, Buddie) to Paris (Betty) to Brookyln (Palehound). Jangle from Singapore (Quite Quiet) to Spain (LOST TAPES) to Australia (Life Strike) to the UK (Firestations). Plus dark Chicago rock (FACS), idiosyncratic London indie (The Clientele, Index for Working Musik), wall-of-sound sonics from South Portland, ME (Big Blood) and Glaswegian post-punk (Current Affairs).

Follow the Bandcamp links to learn more about every artist heard on this week’s show…


Woolworm – Bangs

Buddie – Class Warfare

Life Strike – Giving up the Ghost

Betty – City Lights

Holiday Ghosts – Again and Again

The Clientele – Blue Over Blue

Firestations – Undercover

Soft Walls – True Love

Quite Quiet – pictures to use if i ever go missing


Palehound – The Clutch

Index for Working Musik – Chains

Big Blood – 1000 Times

Current Affairs – Right Time

FACS – Slogan

Primera Comunión – Agujero en el coraz​ó​n