Cycles Per Second 05/18/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Minneapolitan post-punk (Green/Blue), skewed Austin pop (Chronophage), crunchy pop from Boston (Nightspell) and Champaign, IL (Nectar). Drone-y, spacey sounds from Australia (The Garbage & the Flowers, The Citradels, David McClymont) to the USA (Winged Wheel, Orange Dots). And more new indie from Toronto (Kiwi jr), Paris (Healees), New York (Famous Logs in History) and Nagoya, Japan (Lemon).

Links to learn and listen more below…


Green/Blue – In Lies

Chronophage – Summer To Fall

Kiwi jr – Night Vision

Mycatisgreen – Walk Away

Eggy – A Toast to Good Health

Famous Logs in History – Cactus Pricks

Nectar – Unusual You

Nightspell – Phonebooth

Healees – In Your Cave

Trauma Harness – Last Action Hero

The Garbage & the Flowers – Eye Know Who You Are

The Citradels – Juniper

Orange Dots – Once I almost died in the street

David McClymont – Ship of Fools

Winged Wheel – Central Ceiling

Lemon – ironaki kaze