Cycles Per Second 05/27/20: Bandcamp, etc. Links

“Where can I hear more of that band played on this week’s Cycles Per Second?” you ask. Below, I answer…


Pop Filter – Laughing Falling

The Goon Sax – Boyfriend (German version)

The Sensitive – Cherry Heaven

Mo Dotti – Glow In The Dark

The Darling Buds – ISOLATION 2020

Mt. Mountain – Tassels

The Bv’s – Clipping

Pip Blom – Sell By Date

Uranium Daughters – Yvette

littler – This Boulder Won’t Push Itself

cattle – The Only Fun In My Town

秋日疾走 Autumn Rush – 啊,高的楼 Ah,Tall Buildings

the Silent Boys – Last Time

Alpine Subs – Keeping You

The Catenary Wires – The Overview Effect (live)

Bailterspace – Delta