Cycles Per Second 06/22/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Fresh French sounds from Parisian shimmer (Healees) to Rennes post-punk (TROIE) and a jangly bounce from Biarritz (Ever Surf). Scratchy British guitar rock (Useless Users, Arrest! Charlie Tipper), new indie from Austria (laundromat chicks). Plus new music across the USA: Tucson (CLASS, Dogbreth), LA (The Berries and the talent-filled SF Bay (Bodyswitch, FLOWERTOWN, smiles) and New England (Germ House, The Musical Chairs).

Links to listen and buy below…


Healees – The Garden

laundromat chicks – You’re On The Line

Ever Surf – Teenage

Bodyswitch – No Reason

FLOWERTOWN – Half Yesterday

Germ House – Lapping It Up

Useless Users – I Am Forton Wreck

Arrest! Charlie Tipper – Refugees

Memorabilia – Act of Compliance

TROIE – Elvis

CLASS – Into the Night

The Berries – Prime

The Musical Chairs – Asterisk*

The Optic Nerve – Everyday Sunshine

smiles – fandango (better off alone)

Dogbreth – How You Did That