Cycles Per Second 06/29/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

This week’s show has got: Sounds from the Oakland Weekender carried back to Seattle, taken from the city proper (Blues Lawyer) to SF (The Umbrellas) to NYC (Mick Trouble). And more Californian indie, also from Oakland (CVCC), as well as Sacramento (Desario) and LA (COMMUNICANT). Plus percolating now sounds from Sweden (astrel k) to Berlin/New York (Ghost Power) to São Paulo (carabobina) to places unknown (Soft Estate). And a 14 Iced Bear returns w/ a cracking solo indie pop tune!

Make your way to band links below…


Desario – Strange Shapes

Robert Sekula – Pamela

Star Party – In a Dream

CVCC – Shux Deluxe

The Wilmas – Do Me A Favor

Blues Lawyer – I Don’t Mind

The Umbrellas – I’ll Never Understand

Slack Times – Let Down

Pale Blue Eyes – Star Vehicle

Laurie Armitt – For The Best

Mick Trouble – Living in a Kingdom


carabobina – terranoite

Soft Estate – Cindy

Ghost Power – Opsimath

astrel k – imperial phase