Cycles Per Second 08/17/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Icelandic no-wave (Grýlurnar), Scottish jangle (The Orchids), southern hemisphere psych jams from New Zealand (The Sundae Painters) and Australia (Sunbeam Sound Machine). Sharp sounds from SoCal (Self Improvement) to Spain (Mit), British post-punk (The Cool Greenhouse), Swedish indie pop (The Slow Summits) and the return of 90s NYC (now Boston) indie rock stalwarts Sleepyhead!

More from each of the bands you heard this week can be found below…


The Cool Greenhouse – Hard Rock Potato

Self Improvement – Visible Damage

Grýlurnar – Betri er limur en limlestir

Mit – Rainy Sunday

Ribbon Stage – Stone Heart Blue

People Mover – Trying

Sleepyhead – Broke Down

The Slow Summits – Time’s on Your Side

Pete Astor – Time On Earth

The Orchids – Didn’t We Love You?

The Reds, Pinks & Purples – Uncloudy Mind (Live)

The Sundae Painters – Holloway

God Told Me To – Faster Driving

Sunbeam Sound Machine – I Promise That I’ll Try To Give You All My Love