Cycles Per Second 08/24/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On the show this week: New American indie: garage-y jangle from Portland (You’re The Best) to Columbus (All Dogs) to LA (the black watch), pure guitar pop from SF (Tony Molina), stop-start Seattle indie rock (Salt Lick) and Arizona shoegaze (Mute Swan). Aussie girl-garage rock (The Vovos), pretty pop (FLOWERTRUCK, The Brights), and revved-up surf rock (Hobsons Bay Coast Guard).

Follow along with the links, below…


You’re The Best – Lonely In The Streets

the black watch – the neverland of spoken things

The Vovos – Jessica Day

Salt Lick – Love 2 Love U

FLOWERTRUCK – Sing Along To Your Life

Rachel Love – Crystalline

The Brights – Trees Don’t Sway Before the Wind Blows

Jim Nothing – Fall Back Down

Tony Molina – I Don’t Like That He

All Dogs – Dirck

7ebra – If I Ask Her To


Amateur Hour – Bye Bye

Freak Genes – Swimmers

Mute Swan – Phantasms of the Living (ft. Sonoda)

Hobsons Bay Coast Guard – Heatwave