Cycles Per Second 08/25/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

A Kiwi kickoff and a psych-rock finish, with some jangle in-between. Choose your favorites to explore further in the Bandcamp links…


Das Phaedrus – Trigger

Scorched Earth Policy – Green Cigar

Beat Rhythm Fashion – None In The Universe

The New Existentialists – Self Interest

Space Bats, Attack! – 90s

Nik Brinkman – Sugarland

The Ashenden Papers – Summer’s Coming On

seafoam – we are getting along

Shiny Times – Empty Inside

Say Sue Me – So Tender

The Bevis Frond – My Own Hollywood

The Lipschitz – squabble

pHoaming Edison – Cob

The Antelopes – Prisoners

Great Area – Over Again

Smoke Bellow – Furry Computer