Cycles Per Second 09/01/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

September’s Not So Far Away... oh hey, it’s today! Good thing I’m prepared with a brand-new show. Tunes above, details below…


Snowy Band – Living With Myself

Hits – Alan Vega

Would-Be-Goods – Saturn’s Child

English Summer – And She’ll Smile

Flower Crown – The Billy

Coral Grief – Crumble

ONETWOTHREE – Perfect Illusions

The Dancing Plague – Working Weekends

Gustaf – Book

BRNDA – Aunt Linda c. 1989

Solo Career – Movie

Chin-Chin – Stop! Your Crying

Rural France – Stolen Beer

Motorists – Vainglorious

The Garden Path – The Path To Your Door

Living Hour & Peel Dream Magazine – Double Bus