Cycles Per Second 10/12/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

This week’s show features: New Seattle indie pop (Cozy Slippers, Model Shop) to rock (Spiral XP, Dead Family Dog). Dutch yé-yé (Fleur), Belgian punk (Mitraille), British fuzz-pop (The Gabys, Sister Wives), Aussie electro (Hot Tubs Time Machine). Plus 80s Boston indie: a Mission of Burma-related reissue (Dredd Foole & the Din), new x-Big Dipper music (Chuckie Fume).

Read on for the full playlist with links to hear more and buy music…


Model Shop – Compilation Tape

Starry Eyed Cadet – Sod Off

The Aspersions – Nothing

Chuckie Fume – Thoughts From the Universe

Cozy Slippers – I Can’t Keep You Safe

The Orchids – I Never Thought I Was Clever

Fleur – Allez Allez​!​!​!

Sister Wives – Greater Place

Hot Tubs Time Machine – Street Fighter Man

D.B.R. – Nuclear Dreams

Mitraille – Size Nineteen

Dredd Foole and the Din – So Tough

Linda Smith – Figment of Your Imagination

The Gabys – Theresa

Spiral XP – My Personal Hell

Dead Family Dog – Magpies

Otoboke Beaver – PARDON? (​パ​ー​ド​ゥ​ン​?​)