Cycles Per Second 10/19/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Indie pop from Paris (EggS) to Amsterdam (Personal Trainer), Melbourne (Low Key Crush, Carpet Burn) to NYC (Petite League). American (post)punk from LA (Smirk), Portland (Rayon), Chicago (Stuck). Indie rock from Seattle (fluung), Richmond, VA (Dazy) and Ontario (Ancient Shapes). Plus an indie rock jam featuring members of Versus and Luna, and a new one from Robert Forster + family.

Scroll on down for links to purchase or just listen again…


Robert Forster – She’s A Fighter

Chorusgirl – In the Business of Dreams

Low Key Crush – Long Lost Friend (Graeme’s Song)

Carpet Burn – A Little More

EggS – Silence Kills

Smirk – Souvenir

Rayon – Driving

The Cool Greenhouse – Get Unjaded

Stuck – Do Not Reply

LOOBS – I’m Not A Communist

fluung – Sunburnt

Personal Trainer – The Lazer


Ancient Shapes – Bird With an Iron Head

Dazy – Split

Elk City – Your Time Doesn’t Exist