Cycles Per Second 11/08/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Various down under sounds: Sydney rock (R.M.F.C.) to Adelaide psych-pop (Joe Ziffer) to spacious Melbourne pop (The Cat’s Miaow) to Brisbane shoegaze (SGO) and twang (Dumb Things). Indie rock fom Germany (Bachratten), Canada (Feeling Figures) and the UK (Schande). Two 80s reissues: obscure New Zealand art-pop (Poetical Licence) and Texas outsider punk (Meat Joy). And new music from Barbara Manning!

Link magic for every artist featured , this-a-way…


Barbara Manning – I’m Running

Feeling Figures – Pour Un Instant

Schande – 52 Hz

Shoulder Season – Why Would I?

Meat Joy – Final Curtain

Omni – Exacto

Current Affairs – Compromise

Hartle Road – Screen

R.M.F.C. – Two Stars

Bachratten – Streichelzoo

SOUP ACTIVISTS – Jeffrey Jarvis

The Cat’s Miaow – Between the Stations and the Silence

Poetical Licence – Footprints

Joe Ziffer – Ouroboros

SGO – Glimmer

Mo Dotti – Late August Early September

Dumb Things – Self Help