Cycles Per Second 11/01/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Australian indie, from jittery Melbourne pop to Sydney mope-rock to gentle Adelaide jangle. New midwestern USA sounds, from Michigan (The Photocopies), Ohio (The Serfs, The Laughing Chimes) and Chicago (Cafe Racer). UK pop from psych (Co-Pilot) to sweet (The Popguns), amped-up Dutch post-punk (Library Card) and German punk-drone (Brabrabra). Plus an alternate take of a sparkling Flying Nun gem from The Chills.

Pointers to more from each artist heard on this week’s show are no further than a simple scroll…


Perfect Whip – Cheap Dates

Library Card – Cognitive Dissonance

Brabrabra – The Beach

Cafe Racer – Material

Surveillance – On My Way

The Popguns – Red Cocoon

The Laughing Chimes – A Promise To Keep

The Photocopies – Unrequited

Pine Point – Say It Again

Co-Pilot – Corner House

The Serfs – Beat Me Down

Violent Change – Conduction Wire

Mope City – Sweean

Wet Dip – Rollercoaster

Moderate Rebels – Rex 23

The Chills – Rain (Alternate Instrumental Version)