Cycles Per Second 10/25/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Fresh North American jangle, from SF (The Umbrellas) to Toronto (Ducks Ltd.), shoegaze from LA (Mo Dotti). Indie pop from Portugal (Pega Monstro), Brazil (A Última Peça), the UK (The Bug Club) and the Netherlands (Lewsberg). Punk from Chicago (Body Shop) to the UK (Witching Waves, VIRVON VARVON). Plus awesome weirdness fresh from Sydney (The Lewers) and recently unearthed from SF (Thinking Fellers Union Local 282).

Hear more from every artist featured in this week’s show…


The Umbrellas – Three Cheers!

Pega Monstro – Willkommen

The Bug Club – The Loudest Violin

A Última Peça – Sess​ã​o das cinco

Lewsberg – A Different View

Ducks Ltd. – The Main Thing

Mo Dotti – For Anyone And You
Link TK

Checkpoint – Break

No Drama – MFNM

Rat Columns – Life In The Jungle

Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 – Strange Mail

Witching Waves – Vessel


Body Shop – Fractal

The Lewers – O Karina