Cycles Per Second 11/04/20: Bandcamp, etc. Links

This Friday is another Bandcamp Friday! Listen above, then purchase below…


Eggy – HAL 9000

Potpourri – Eisenhower

Love Tan – Pink Skirt

The Cowboys – Song for the Girls

Nouveau Vélo – Different Dreams

Bootchy Temple – Nowhere Else

Francisca Griffin – Bring the Light

Wingtip Sloat – Theme to LIA

Alec Bathgate – Jane

The Left Outsides – Between the Lines

Dusty Miller – Blame

Stephen’s Shore – Brisbane Radio

Lunchbox – Three Cheers for Autumntime

Well Whale – Pipe Dream

Waving Blue – Every Step

FOG – Space Space Space Shuttle

The Verlaines – This Will Not Go Down