Cycles Per Second 09/21/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On the show this week: German jams, from Leipzig post-punk (Knickers, Mellie) to Berlin odd-pop (Matching Outfits) and hyper-rock (Fir Cone Children). Canadian space-psych (Shirley & The Pyramids) to power pop (Grade School), Scottish jangle (Swiss Portrait) and ragged, rough and ripping new tunes from London (career) to Melbourne (Rhysics) to Virginia (Added Dimensions). Plus new music from the PacNW: indie pop from Seattle (Cozy Slippers) and Olympia (Field School), indie rock from Portland (Rayon).

One link per band/song below, each will get you in the know…


Added Dimensions – After Tomorrow

Knickers – Old Ladies’ Summer

Bees Make Honey – Are You Sure?

Mellie – Free Field

Matching Outfits – Dutch Kate Moss

Field School – I Just Want to Paint You in Pictures

Cozy Slippers – Haunting Her

Swiss PortraitHideout

Grade School – Grade School

Teenage Tom Petties – Seattle

career – Tomato Garden

Rhysics – Together Now

Rayon – Small Life

Fir Cone Children – No Mercy

Shirley & The Pyramids – Chinese Pyramids

The Cakekitchen – Tell Me Why You Lie